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Shit, why can’t you reblog ask responses, I have essays to write in response to this I think. My reply definitely can’t be contained in a 250 characters, anyway. But thank you, to start with! :D

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I’d love nothing more than to read those essays, honestly. You have no idea. You can reblog this and write them for me and make me happy :’D

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Well then, let’s see! :D Fair warning, I spend a lot of time doing queer readings of texts.

- Re: major/minor characters, that’s totally a fuzzy line, but especially Frederica is someone I think the show should have done more with, so I’ll buy that! She’s filed pretty firmly in my mind under “mountains of wasted potential”. Apply fanfic?

- It’s interesting, I agree on the friendships you’ve picked, but probably tend to see a lot more homoerotic tension in them. Especially Kircheis and Reinhard; not to say that I believe they were fucking at every opportunity, because I also believe that the entirety of the empire is ridiculously, ridiculously repressed and Reinhard is kind of emotionally immature anyway. But there’s that grey zone of intense friendship / romantic attraction that comes up a lot in homosocial contexts, and I definitely feel like there’s some of that going on here. There’s unexplored attraction between Kircheis and Reinhard, I think; every chance it would have remained unexplored forever and ever even if Kircheis hadn’t died, but still.

…On which note, Reinhard is absolutely using Hilde as a kind of Kircheis replacement. So I pretty much agree on the Reinhard/Hilde point. Hilde, darling, it’s a silly idea and you know it.

- I had some things to say about Reuental and Mittermeyer as well but I pretty much agree with hawksabove’s answer about them that you reblogged. They’re really good friends who get drunk and accidentally have sex. Everyone is pretty freaked out by it and they never speak of it again. But it keeps happening. — I also should point out I guess that I don’t really ship things on the basis of how well they would work but on the basis of how interesting the explosion would be. Let’s not talk about what this says about me.

- Yang and Frederica were so completely awkward, but not sure if this is because neither of them has a clue how to do relationships or because the writers of the show don’t have a clue how to do relationships. Even odds. I can’t actually get the thoughts of Yang and sex to occupy the same part of my mind, either, though that isn’t to say they couldn’t have had a very sweet romantic relationship consisting of cuddling and drinking tea and talking about military strategy until the middle of the night. If their relationship had been written better. ;;;

- Re: Kircheis Doesn’t Die Everything Is Perfect, That’s not an AU, that’s Reinhard’s personal religion. :D

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