To play this game, go to MapCrunch, select “hide location”, make sure you have all countries unselected, and click go. What this will do is

Bonus Hard Mode:
No using outside sources, and that includes using google maps to figure out your location from signs or landmarks ;3 drop you in a random part of the world. It’s as if you woke up on the side of a road in an unfamiliar country. The goal

 of the game is to find your way to an airport so you can return home.  GAM

i did it in hard mode! :D got dropped in

 dresden! i am lucky that i can almost, kiiiiind of, maybe read a little german


OH MAN thisi s exciting

where the shit am i

it’s in america i can tell from all the flags


Ooh, this is cool. I am near a farm in the middle of the mountains. The road is labelled 県道128号線 (maybe that is cheating but I don’t think you can turn street labels off) so… rural Japan I guess? LET’S



Oh whatever, I thought. Let’s just see what field I get dropped in, I thought.



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